Facing History and Ourselves

by Encorion

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released March 7, 2011

© Sleaszy Rider Records

Rights for digital release owned by Encorion
Digital releasedate: 20 February 2013

Recorded August 2008 at Studio Phonology
Music: Danny de Graaf & Michael Dubbelt
Arrangements: Encorion
Lyrics: Raymond Dubbelt
Mixed & Mastered: Michael Dubbelt



all rights reserved


Encorion Netherlands

Encorion is a six headed pagan metal horde from the misty islands and riverbanks of the southern Netherlands.

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Track Name: Banished
Smiling with two faces, one for deceit and one for truth.
Laughing at all the difficult questions, glad they never understood.
What have they done to you? What caused you to live in lies?
Your arrogance will not go unnoticed, you’re of the lowest despise.

Traitor, liar, you betrayed us all.
Leave or die, you’ll be banished from your home.
Within this already cursed time, there will be no place for you.

Hide in your own world, the borders have been drawn by you.
Bound and forgotten, never to see anyone again, you fool.
Feel the emptiness of your betrayal, slowly taking over your thoughts,
wished you never turned your back on us.

Writing down the answers to all the questions
that people could ask, your masquerade of shades.
Bound to stay inside and bound to stay in silence,
hoping everyone will forget your name.
Track Name: Facing History and Ourselves
Darkness rises over the hills, the sun ends its day.
New life begins somewhere, other life will fade.
Equal to the time our lives are moving swift.
The age of the old men is on the eve of birth.

I was never alone, never at home,
always out in the field.
I always stayed strong, kept going on,
felt like it all depended on me.

Moonlight masks the blood, an ease like nothing happened.
The tables cleaned, a new verse in the rhyme of war.
Now and never, we all face some sort of war inside.
Let the night take you away and reverse the time, reverse the sign.

I was shown a path before me,
a route to follow, a sign to guide me home.
Facing history and ourselves,
an end will come to this war and we’ll soon be free.

Whispers rule the town, the word grows fast, the lies even more.
Hope is the new call, a new horizon, a new shore.
We march along with dawn, onwards with the rising sun.
Nevermore, to return to this fear and cursed battle.
Track Name: The Valley
Can you recall the triumphs we had?
Can you recall those days?
Ride through the valley and see our lives,
gone with the blood and hate.

No more believers, no more reality,
all have been spent with our gold.
Time has now come for those who are free,
to ride through the valleys of old.

The wars have been raged to claim our own soil.
To those who are free, please don’t forget:
You can now live your lives, because of me,
and the others, who fought for their lives.
They fought, for you and me.
Live with honour and remember your kin.
Give them pride, ‘cause they deserve to be remembered,
so don’t let history fade with the time.
Track Name: Symbol of Honour
Run through the woods.
Send a man to alarm.
The time is near, our foes will come.
You know that we must defend
the power hidden in our camp.
Go with fury, go with haste.
You know the message, don’t be late.
There will be nothing left to defend.
If we don’t stop this coming end.

Barricade the doors
and light up the torches.
Let us hear the horns,
let them hear they don’t belong here.
Throw back their bones
and burn up their clothes.
Let us hear the horns,
let them hear they don’t belong here.

We are the Kings of our land.
Traitors will be buried by our hands.

Be calm, be still, and listen to the drums of the coming war.
With marching steps they arrive at our fields.
In the slumber of the sun, they crawled into our camp
and stole our symbol of honour, traitors!

In the dark we will find the shades that hide the light,
and the memory of the old way of time.
Now that we have been blessed and our spirits again shine,
we must answer the call of the hand of time.
Track Name: Val der Nacht
The hammer strikes on the howl of wolves.
It is the time for battle, the time for war.
Hail the battleground, here we come!

Get the men, the clock striking first.
Goodbye love, goodbye home sweet home.
Hail the battleground, here I come!

Drums in the deep, our banner standing fast.
Wait for the horns, wait for the call.

Val der nacht, val der eeuwige stilte.
Kroon hen die het bloed ontlopen.
De doem der tijd blijft voor hen staan.
Als de strijd voor de nacht is besloten.

Hear all, for I will not fall swift.
Your end is near, mine still far away.
Hail the battleground, hail today!

Count the losses, count them fast,
but write the winnings, ‘cause that’s what lasts.
All shall know hence from now that the victory was ours.

Upon the night, upon the day, no matter the time.
We call to arms, to arms we rise, many foes we’ll slay.
Hear the horses getting restless and fierce.
They are ready, and so are we, de klok slaat!
Track Name: Raging Storms
Hear the winds announcing the storm.
Can you see the blackened sky in the north?
See how the light fades with the rain,
forging a stream, pulling everything away.

Raging storms, the power of mother nature.

Go, and hide for the incoming.
Leave, and wait for the silence-call.
No need for us to defend our homes.
This enemy is one that wins from all.

In the eye of the dome we can’t see the light,
all is dark. Now behold: The great and divine
have all faced these storms, in stories they are told.
An unprepared war, against the nature
we are still so small and meaningless;
No honour for there where we are born.
Just battling on towards new lands, and new shores,
never looking back.

See the birds announcing the storm.
Can you see they’re leaving to the north?
Listen to the signs spoken from far.
This storm will come to tear everything apart.